I don't know if you've heard A Good Night For A Fistfight, the euphoric live album that Los Campesinos! unleashed upon our eager eardrums earlier this year, but as the recorded gig approached its close, Gareth Campesinos!, the band's frontman and chief lyricist, muttered something rather poignant. "And Los Campesinos!, it goes on forever, so deal with it."

He wasn't lying, either. No sooner had the live record, a first for the band, been gifted to fans, it seemed that Los Campesinos! were readying themselves for the unveiling of NO BLUES, their fifth (!) LP, set for release next week, having been recorded at Bryn Derwen Studios in sleepy Bethesda, North Wales throughout the sticky summer months.

"We've reconciled with the fact that we're an emo band deep down, and we're properly delighted about it," Gareth declares from the off. Of course, previous records, particularly 2011's Hello Sadness, are well known for their stinging tales of 'death, drinking and listless sex' - dripping with melancholia due to Gareth's astute dexterity when confronted with a tricky couplet. "For me, lyrically, I wanted to write something with the attention to detail of a Half Man Half Biscuit record and the lyrical beauty of a Nick Cave album," he explains. "Obviously, I set my aim way high there, but it was an enjoyable direction to attempt to navigate in." Judging by previous efforts, don't be surprised if his aspirations land somewhat closer than he expects.

As Gareth's flair for witty ditties (and an affinity for crowbarring the occasional obscure footballing reference) clearly develops from record to record, so does Tom Campesinos!'s, albeit from behind the mixing desk. In fact, Gareth is extremely complimentary of his longtime bandmate, one of the few original Los Campesinos! members left intact. "As Tom's ability and strengths as a producer have grown, he's been able to bring in more varied textures and sounds to the recordings. With Hello Sadness we decided we wanted to make a direct record, with all the arrangements fighting the same battle. We thought we'd achieved that at the time, but not so much with hindsight. I think we got a lot closer this time."

On the strength of NO BLUES's initial wares, the soaring, rapturous tangle that is 'What Death Leaves Behind' and the sugary rush of 'Avocado, Baby', we'd happen to agree. That's not to say, however, that the band have crafted these songs with commerciality at the forefront of their mind. "We gave up on hopes of any commercial success a few records ago," Gareth admits. "I mean, don't get me wrong, we'd fucking love to sell millions, but we're aware we've not got what it takes to do that."

Although there have been rumblings of a far more (whisper it) positive theme spilling from NO BLUES's frothy crescendos, it wasn't a direction that was actively sought after in the studio. "We were all just so happy to be in the studio in the company of each other after a few months of doing nothing band-related. I think, perhaps, I was aware that Hello Sadness was a little lacking in smiles, and so NO BLUES comes with a nod and a wink."

This being a Los Campesinos! record, of course, the lyrical content is (still) particularly concerned with the subject of death. Except it's not. Well, not entirely; Gareth has simply curbed his habit of "whining about heartache and relationships," apparently: "One of my priorities, lyrically, was to create something with a lot more humour, and far more playful language than Hello Sadness. Heartache is cyclical, I suppose, as it's always followed by love, and then heartache again. But the looming spectre of death is an inescapable constant." Good to hear that they haven't perked up too much, eh?

Thankfully, the band are well aware of the following that they possess, that the level of devotion that many exhibit towards Los Campesinos! is flabbergasting, particularly in a live setting. "It becomes tougher to get a setlist together, I suppose, but also way more enjoyable. There are some fallen soldiers of songs who I think we wish we still played live, but it's for the better of the setlist. Still, it's brilliant to be able to craft a set where we know we can keep people on their toes, but also whatever we play will have people singing along and totally into it." It's clearly a privilege that Gareth and his bandmates do not take for granted and, unsurprisingly, they remain refreshingly grounded. "We've obviously been to enough gigs ourselves as punters to know and understand that people wanna hear the songs they love, and we ain't gonna withhold that pleasure from anyone."

Apparently, Los Campesinos! goes on forever, so I feel somewhat foolish asking Gareth what the future holds. He is, however, thrillingly defiant: "Impossible to say, exactly. There'll be more though, there'll always be more." Thank fuck, because I'm not aware of another band that are better placed to soothe my tattered heart.

NO BLUES is out on October 28th via Turnstile Records.