Punk Rock aficionados Metz share the musical influences that inspire the band and represent the sounds they grew up with.

We've also got the lowdown on their newly announced UK dates, which you can check out below.

  • 28-Jan-13 UK | Manchester, Soup Kitchen
  • 29-Jan-13 UK | Glasgow, Broadcast
  • 30-Jan-13 UK | Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
  • 31-Jan-13 UK | Brighton, Green Door Store

Fugazi - 'Styrofoam'

Hayden: I knew of the band due to the Minor Threat connection but when I heard it for the first time, it changed everything. It was in an early 411VM skate video that my brother had and I would watch it over and over so I could hear the song since I didn't have the record yet. I'm not sure if it necessarily influences our sound but it does represent an era of music that all three of us grew up with.

Eric's Trip – 'Listen'

Chris: In 1993 a friend from the east coast of Canada and I were trading mixtapes. He was really into a local band called Eric's Trip who had recently put out an album called Love Tara. On the tape he sent me he included the song 'Listen' from the band's previous EP. I started collecting everything I could find by this band which ended up with me often stealing my father's credit card to place mail orders with Sub Pop for whatever Eric's Trip was releasing. After that I just started trying out whatever the label happened to be putting out. Six Finger Satellite, Godheadsilo, Beat Happening etc. To this day I'm not sure my father has figured out what these random charges to some company in the USA called "Sub Pop" were; but there is a good chance he knows now.

Mission of Burma - 'VS'

Alex: Punk + art rock experimentalism = WOW!

Pixies - 'Surfer Rosa and Trompe Le Monde'

Alex: The Pixies have always confused the hell out of me. What was going through their heads? The music is just plain strange and I like it.

Michael Yonkers Band - 'Microminiature Love'

Alex: The sound of a man on the edge with a soldering iron. Totally unhinged and amazing psychedelia.