When we were asked to choose an award for Blog 6 Music, we banged our heads together and only one thought dropped out.

Whilst we still get as excited as anyone about getting sweaty down the front of rock shows, and losing the power to stand up straight by bass bins across the country, increasingly our taste is being defined by the output of our headphones. We wear them sitting, whilst reading, as we walk, on the morning commute, staring at the other humans and pondering their back story. We soundtrack our very existence in our own introspection, to music, we define our outlook on society. Our interaction and our reaction to it, is coloured by the music emitting from our headphones. Because of this, a lot of the music that we listen to fits a certain mood, to fulfill a certain role. It leaves a hue over our worldview and induces a vibed out state of euphoria. We call this a 'Euphori-coma'.

The phone just rang. It took me a few seconds to break the deep trance that I found myself in whilst listening to one of these tracks. At first I struggled to speak, and then I struggled to make sense, only after a casual exchange of small talk could I re-engage with the person at the end of the line. This is what we're talking about. This is what excites us about music. The effect it has on us. How one song, one band, one guy producing records in his bedroom can change the way you think about things forever. How many epiphanies have been soundtracked by songs that you love? That's what we're talking about.

So without further ado, let me present our shortlist of ten artists for you to vote for. We hope that these songs/artists effect you in the way they effect us. We hope they effect you irreversibly. Have a listen through them and vote for:

The Artist Most Likely To Induce A State Of Vibe Like Euphori-coma.

Artist: Carnivals

Evidence for: Kindness

Artist: Nosaj Thing

Evidence for: Eclipse/Blue feat Kazu Makino

Artist: Deptford Goth

Evidence for: Union

Artist: Snasen

Evidence for: Falling Upwards

Artist: Zora Jones

Evidence for: Money Cat

Artist: Shlohmo

Evidence for: Don't Say No feat How To Dress Well

Artist: Mmoths

Evidence for: All These Things feat Holly Miranda

Artist: Black Polygons

Evidence for: Whisper

Artist: Maximillion Dunbar

Evidence for: Peeling An Orange In One Piece

Artist: Mark McGuire

Evidence for: Morning, and the Gold Coast

Cast your vote by commenting below, or you can vote in our Facebook poll, or tweet @the405. All the votes will be added up on Friday before the show is aired on BBC 6 Music between 6-8pm this Sunday.