What begins as an unordered bristling thicket of unconnected noises creeping strangely around your ears like weird digital ghosts ultimately ends as something quite beautiful. This is the quite lovely and aptly titled 'Riddle Song' by enigmatic Parisian duo VTCN RADIO. Darkly ominous sounds – antique clicks, distant mechanical processes, synths in reverse – pockmark its middle before a final blissful half to the song begins.

Drenched in the sombre euphoria of two chords floating and twisted above simple, organic bass and heavily muffled distorted guitar, diced vocal samples cry out in catharsis, having escaped from the nocturnal basement cave of the song's first half. An affecting song, one to be felt rather than danced to or even understood, and a really impressive start to what I hope is a musical existence of continual impression.

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