At the tail end of 2013 an album of such originality and, get this, an album that was seriously fun was released that made us do some severe last minute End of Year list changes. Landing the number 14 spot more specifically.

That album came from Lizzo, a US rapper from Detroit - and our writer Larry Day described her debut LP LIZZOBANGERS in the following terms:

"She skirts trap and footwork, apes Outkast, yoinks Nicki Minaj's technicolour hyperactivity and dabbles with funk. She sticks her mits into Motown.... Every flippant twist and seemingly random U-turn is testament to the joie de vivre she possesses."

While over in the UK promoting its release, we decided to film a session with Lizzo and Sophia Eris of her signature all out banger of a track, 'Batches & Cookies'. The session was recorded in Brewdog, Shoreditch, and thanks to those guys for letting us use their basement space. A repackaged LIZZOBANGERS is set for release on 14th April on Virgin Records.

Created by Tim Boddy & Jonah Sugden
Audio Mix by Nathan Hetherington