Oh, Lorde. Is there anything you do wrong? I'm beginning to think not, especially with the covers that have just surfaced from the multi-Grammy winner's homecoming concert in New Zealand. She covered an array of songs including 'Retrograde' by James Blake, 'Easy' by Son Lux, and 'Swingin' Party' by The Replacements.

For the sake of video quality, here's her performing 'Swingin' Party' for VEVO Halloween.

Here's the setlist from the night, which will probably be similar to what you'll hear her play on her upcoming headlining tour.

  • Bravado
  • Glory and Gore
  • Biting Down
  • Tennis Court
  • Easy (Son Lux cover)
  • Buzzcut Season
  • Swingin Party (The Replacements cover)
  • 400 Lux
  • White Teeth Teens
  • Royals
  • Team
  • Retrograde (James Blake cover)
  • Ribs
  • A World Alone

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