There's an alliance of sounds at work in this track-and-video combination. It's got a kind of choral dream-pop effusing from it, whilst keeping this narcotic, electro-esoteric repetitive haze to it – an inescapable groove whirlpooling you in, a slow meander with a trap-esque rhythm – and later emerging through this prism into a sweeping tide of psychedelic guitars.

This is Moonbow, the UK-based ("London / Reading / Oxford") duo comprising of Eleanor Hardwick and Beau Hulse, who began making music in 2013, and the track is 'Night Flight'. Already suggesting a dream-like state with the title, or astral projection perhaps, the video for this track (directed by Hardwick herself) shows the pair inhabiting a strange landscape and, after VHS distortion and subtle flashforwards to later on the video, being transported to a magical / alternate desert world, where dances are danced and face(war)paint is worn. Altogether as gloriously off-beat and colourful, with a lot of cool outfits on show I have to say, as the song itself. Watch it below.

The song comes from their upcoming Chiaroscuro EP out on Dream Machine Records 16th January, or from Moonbow's Bandcamp as a name-your-price digital download.

FYI moonbows do actually exist.