They were already famous for being the progeny of famous people (person?) but they have steadily been gaining their own fame on top of this and if anybody knows about mathematics and stuff you'll know that fame added to fame equals superfame. Or doublefame (but that's an archaic way of putting it).

In Any Case, Jaden Smith Has Dropped A Rappety-Rap Song. With Snare-Heavy, Bassmatic Production From Duo Christian Rich Filled With Angry Strings Almost Like A Hive Of Bees And Lots Of Handclaps, Jaden's Flow Is Like, Detachedly Rageful And Punctuated With Trilling Yelps – Actually Interesting. It's Called 'Fire'. Maybe He'll Release One Called 'Serious' And Be Less Angry And More Solemn And Stuff (Maybe You'd Call It Deep And Meaningful). Then One Called 'Funny' Where He'll Make Lots Of Jokes Whilst Rapping.

Willow Smith, on the other hand, has released something – a track called '9' – that teeters on the verge between epic pop song and shadowy post-R&B flavours – the production is clean and bubblesome. Her voice warbles with proto-diva intensity through aching melodies, a good partner for the huskier tones of SZA, who has worked with Willow before. It's taken from her III EP, which you can check out on iTunes if you wish. It's no 'Whip My Hair' but it is pretty.

Listen to both below.

P.S. I'd be more impressed if it came out that both of them were proper bedroom producers, but it does sound like they've had more than a little help with their endeavours. I was recording a guitar on Windows Microphone at age 14, not working with established artists. Just sayin'.