Because of her work advocating world peace and choosing Reykjavik as a platform, Yoko Ono was made an honorary citizen of the Icelandic city last week. She is now one of five people to be made honorary citizens of the city, including Mr. Bjarni Jónsson in 1961, the ophthalmologist Mr. Kristján Sveinsson in 1975, former President of Iceland Mrs. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir in 2010 and the Icelandic artist Erró in 2012.

"With her outstanding work Yoko Ono has pointed the light of peace to Reykjavík. It is therefore a great honour to award her with the title honorary citizen of Reykjavík. Yoko's contribution to peace and human rights issues in the world is unique. Imagine Peace Tower has been immensely valuable for Reykjavík. The LennonOno Grant for Peace ceremony also is now held biennially in Reykjavík. We have the wish that the city be permanently lit as a city of peace and human rights," said Jón Gnarr, Mayor of Reykjavík City.

The Imagine Peace Tower is based on the intertwined careers of John Lennon and Ono, and it attempts to spread the message of peace through the arts across the world. It also serves as a memorial to John Lennon. It's situated on the Viday Island in Reykjavik, and every year from Lennon's birthday until the date of his passing, December 8th, a light is shown in the tower. The city also holds the LennonOno Grant for Peace award ceremony biannually.

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