"While their songs bear no resolution on love, they shine a light on the depths and instability of it. Young Ejecta have proven their ability in producing emotionally intelligent pop music with a knowing sense of enchanting melodies. They effortlessly shift between the twinkling and sparse to the thundering and assertive. The Planet continues their crusade of love from their debut album."

That's how we felt about Young Ejecta's new EP, The Planet - so we decided to ask the band to guide us through the release.

The Planet is out now on Driftless Recordings.

'Into Your Heart'

'Into Your Heart' was initially written (like many of my songs) as a duet, but I haven't yet convinced Joel to be my Lee Hazlewood or Serge (working on it!). I had perky french pop in mind when suddenly the song took over becoming a super fun almost menacing soundtrack to hibernation/loneliness.

'Welcome to Love'

'Welcome to Love' was a product of a songwriting "challenge" that Joel, Keith from We Are Scientists, and Tim from the band Ash did last year. Each musician has 12 hours to write 20 songs by themselves - then we all get together and share the often hilarious sometimes awesome fruits of our frantic delirious labor. Joel made this lovely mountain man music I hope you'll get to hear someday. While I was playing through my songs Joel fell in love with 'Welcome to Love'.

'All Day'

'All Day' was written on an airplane, and it shows. Very glittery and groovy. We don't always "do" groovy-but I've warned you. Shits groovy. It's my favourite song on the record. It's about sticking it out with your special human. It's pretty sick.


'Recluse' is the weirdest song Joel's ever said yes to. I have an eternal struggle with spiders and with the impulse to be a hermit. It's a really lovely strange song that Joel went wild with. It's my favourite live song we have.

'Your Planet'

'Your Planet' was written for my dear friend Josiah who died of cancer nearly a decade ago. I didn't answer his final call. I was in class. Jut some shit bag design 101 course at a third rate university for assholes who buy Salvador Dali posters at head shops. Josiah is often in my thoughts and I cannot express how badly I wish I'd walked out of pasting purple triangles to fucking blue circles or whatever idiotic busywork my pathetic soul was damned to at that moment.

'What You Done'

'What You Done' was written for my ex who is a major dangus. You should never waste your time with people who don't value your dreams or talents. Instead, write songs like this one memorializing the fact that "someone" has a dick for a face.