Update: The mixtape is available to stream below.

Original Story

Keeping up with Atlanta rapper Young Thug isn't the easiest trial. The 21-year-old rapper bounces around from project to project with some of his native city's more celebrated names like Gucci Mane and Migos so often that his solo work sometimes takes a backseat.

But not too shortly after releasing his Bloody Jay collab mixtape Black Portland, Young Thug is about to offer his follow-up to 2013's 1017. The first track from 1017 Thug 2, which comes out officially tomorrow, is the auto-tune hinged 'Lifestyle'. It doesn't take too long after the "Get along, little doggy" intro to figure out the track is hugely celebratory of his newfound life. Which, for any 21-year-old in that position, seems totally reasonable.

Get a listen below and look out for 1017 Thug 2.