Label: Blonde Music Release date: 26/08/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon A trio hailing from Versailles theirs is a lo-fi sound marrying the timeless qualities of the Beatles, Beach Boys and classic 70s rock to the contemporary lo-fi, indie folk scene of the 21st Century. Their latest single 'Bye Bye Cellphone', from the album of the same name, is an ode to the loss of a device the majority of us feel we cannot live without. A breezy, reminiscent track drenched in the wispy French vocals of Nicholas Frank crooning "so much of my life you contain/It takes a lot to give you away", its smartness and odd charm is disguised behind lyrics we might, on first listen, take to be addressing a lost love and not a bit of plastic. That said the cellphone is clearly just a metaphor for lost summers, hazy memories, partners and departures...and perhaps the freedom and positivity that comes of leaving these behind. A surprising earworm. Photobucket