Release Date: 28/07/08 Label: The Animal Farm Link: I'm going to start this review off with a tenuous link/ bad joke. Here goes... I'd like to give this band a break, 51 breaks to be more accurate (i know, i know) but it's just plain hard. If you scroll down to the rating you'll notice i've given it two out of five which is an odd rating for such a negative opening paragraph but those numbers full mainly on the music involved. Which isn't bad at all. It's certainly more interesting than the average indie bands but not enough to be hailed as ground breaking. This leaves me with the reason why i could only stand to hear this song once. The vocals and lyrics are pretty poor. Singer Michael Turner sounds like an off target Brian Molko and the lyrics just seem to go nowhere and mean absolutely nothing. So apart from that it's pretty good! Rating: 2/5