When she was a teenager, 6 Day Riot singer and songwriter Tamara Schlesinger was apparently a gymnast for Scotland. Which Technically, is two things you didn't know, 1) Schlesinger was a gymnast, and 2) Scotland has a team of them. Not that breaking an ankle could ever really be deemed a good thing, but if she hadn't, the sugary-sweet folk pop brilliance of 6 Day Riot possibly wouldn't have existed. 6 Day Riot Have A Plan, their second offering, lays it's claim as one of the cleverest, cheeriest records of the year straight from the off with Run For Your Life. The calypso beat, sunny harmonies and 'ooh ooh's' are as much fun as you can have in two and a half minutes. She's a canny lass lyrically too. O Those Kids touches on what people will do for money with the “missing” canoeist John Darwin as main influence. Again the fast rumbling beat and horns tweak a smile from you instantly. She has a voice that will charm the socks off you too. The natural and lovable tone is unbelievably real and accessible. Rise Above shows the depth of her range too, adding an even softer edge to the already cottony feel. Each song is as simple as can be, none as simple as the ukulele strum along Go! Canada and it will have your toe tapping in no time. 6 Day Riot Have A Plan comes together perfectly into a collection of pretty little folk pop ditties that will have you humming them all day. Unashamedly poppy and unashamedly fun while touching on serious, almost cathartic issues makes for a fine, fine record. 8/10