And so, like mountains come out of the sky, new label project Activia Benz comes out of the minds of Gregory Feldwick aka London producer Slugabed and artist-curator Jake Slee.

The best description of the label, right now, looking at Slee's Tumblr whilst listening to a track called 'Frosty Morning' by the next artist to be released, is that the unifying theme of the visual and the aural is violent colour, and lots of it.

The power of Activia Benz's output, at least on the strength of last year's first release from Deech and this seven-track EP from Moscow beatmaker 813, surely lies in some kind of sonic paint-mixer, where acid house gets smashed into future trap into trillwave into hip hop into dream-step into glitch… you get the picture.

Tracks like 'Fantasmo', 'Charger' and 'Elastique' off Recolor are fiercely more everything than Everything Everything; plenty spacious and interstellar with layers of synth arpeggios, backed up by big drum rolls and thick beats, mad drops and breaks all pierced with vocal and instrumental samples.

This is music to dream and dance to, stuttering and smooth in equal parts, drenched in bass, giving off a kind of work-in-progress vibe as if its creator hasn't really stopped in one place for long, preferring to keep going on some never-ending search for new sounds.

Another cheap analogy, given 813 (real name Alexander Goryachev) is apparently a full-time firefighter, might be of some crazy warehouse fire where in every corner crates of 8-bit samples, drum patterns and bass culture are blowing the fuck up in a dazzling fashion, making for a beautiful and dangerous spectacular.

Live, the producer has supported Moby, MF DOOM, Hudson Mohawke and Zomby and has been part of the Russian beatmaking scene for some time with a stack of tracks behind him to prove it. You kind of feel there are plenty more lying in wait too. An explosive step forward for Activia Benz and 813.