Release date: Out Now Website: I really wanted to love East London's 85 Bears and their 'Shipwrecking EP'. I like the name. Yes, it's another animal-related band name, but I like it. The trouble with the name is that it's almost impossible to find much information out about them outside of their Myspace. Seriously try it, Google them. I managed to establish that the Chicago Bears were victorious in Superbowl XIX in 1985 but that aside not much background on the band... Anyway, once I realised that this band actually had nothing to do with the NFL, I was totally on-board and ready to be blown away. Sadly for me, I was approaching the EP with virtually no background info on the band and with this I had no idea really what to expect. Let's get this clear up front, there is no doubting the quality of musicianship on show. It's good. The noisy looping guitar riffs, heavy bass lines and pounding drum beats are all there for the listener to enjoy. They soar and they drop and then soar again and again. The band are tight together too and with all the looping going on it's sometimes easy to forget that there's just the three of them actually hitting you with their sound. It's just, well, I was expecting a little bit more from it. You see, when I first approached the record I wasn't aware that this was an instrumental release so I was waiting with baited breath for the vocals to land. I know it sounds harsh, but four and a half minutes into the first track 'Shipwrecking...' I was screaming out for some vocals, just any old vocals, but it just didn't happen. This started to make the EP drag a little for me, and with this the 7, 8 and 10 minute tracks were missing that crucial ingredient. I needed lyrics, they didn't even have to be Dylan-esque in composition either, I just wanted a rhyme, something that would take me back from the edge. Hell, by the time I'd been through all three tracks and 25 minutes of their instrumental assault I was almost ready to reach for a talking book. Overall? OK, but not really my bag. Rating: 6.5/10