Auguste Arthur, aka A.A. Bondy, has been performing and writing songs for over 20 years now. First as one of the founding members of Alabamian rockers Verbena, and since their split, a solo singer-songwriter to much critical acclaim. This experience shows on Bondy’s third solo effort Believers, a collection of sparsely populated, but beautifully constructed songs, that create the best night-time soundtrack since Burial’s Untrue.

Opener ‘The Heart Is Willing’ sets a deceptive marching pace for the album reminiscent of Arcade Fire before ‘Down In The Fire (Lost Sea)’ - letting you know what you have to look forward to for the next 40 or so minutes. Bondy’s drawling vocal style helps put you at rest as the slide-guitars and lethargic drums slowly envelope you.

If you want the full experience, it has to be listened to at night. Darkness seems to somehow add to the album, making those guitars all the more eerie and effecting. ‘Surfer King’ is a real highlight with every echo lasting just that little bit longer than necessary, tying every note together until it’s one long comfortable sigh.

‘Highway/Fevers’ shows off Bondy’s Americana routes, packed with slide guitars, and that southern drawl that suits him so well. It tells tales of night-time driving and early morning sunrises that are perfectly captured via the sounds passing through your ears.

Bondy has a unique talent in that he can make everything he sings enthralling. For such a laid back album, that would normally got stuck on whilst you were reading or trying to get some work done, you can’t help but to daydream, with Bondy supplying the perfect soundtrack. The aptly named ‘Drmz’ has single-handedly delayed this review, happily evaporating any ability I once had of stringing thoughts together.

‘The Twist’ plays the part of pallet cleanser, not entirely fitting in with the album but working perfectly as a brief awakening jolt to stop you missing the last two tracks. One of which ‘Rte. 28/Believers’ is a strong contender for top track of this winter. The benchmark for night-time listening has been set.