Right now, it's a spectacular time for folk. My favourites within our shores, whom are doing the genre a great justice, include James Yorkston and Johnny Flynn. Across the Atlantic we have Sam Amidon flying the flag in Vermont, Mastering traditional murder ballads. And then there's A.A. Bondy; his recent release pushes Southern-style country to a modern standard and makes it more accessible to the indie crowd. Each song on the album carries a heartfelt tale, with the ambiance of the desert, the open road and either warming or harrowing solitude (depending on which element of solitude you experience more). When The Devil's Loose has a way of inspiring and transforming your saddest thoughts. With his band together, the reverberating guitar with the piano and sorrowful singing, 'The Mercy Wheel' encourages reflection on the unsatisfactory, and what one is missing from life. Meanwhile, the anthemic solo track, 'Oh The Vampyre' lays out a reinvented troubadour ballad; something more of a fantasy than what you would hear from a basic folk tale. There are two obvious ways of reacting to When The Devil's Loose. One reaction would be to morph into a state of melancholy, feeling the weight of these downtempo ballads that accentuate the gloom. The other would be to embrace this powerful state of reflections provoked by the record, engaging in the great stories told. Such perfectly assembled ballads can be relished for inspiring a fitting mood for solitude and looking to grey environments. Another amazing contribution to folk world lies in A.A. Bondy's new album. It carries all the great characteristics, which have an effect on the soul that no other genre can. It can bring out your demons and let you experience, for a while, the lives of characters from the stories that Bondy will conjure up inside of you. 9/10