Label: Lefse Records Release date: 21/09/10 Link: Official Site Buy: Amazon A Classic Education are a step back to the sunshine drenched melodies of the '60s; mixing and matching these with more contemporary shoegaze elements of the late '80s and early '90s. A band of six members born in Bologna, Italy back in 2007 they are led by Canadian Jonathan Clancy. Their debut First EP charted their first year together as a band and they've recently found themselves recording with folky Brit Jeremy Warmsley. This follow-up Hey There Stranger is a neatly constructed and intricately stitched selection of half a dozen tracks which meld tuneful indie pop reminiscent of the New Pornographers; and craftily allow these to sit side by side with shoegazer delights such as ‘Terrible Day‘. Qualities such as the subtle pizzicato of violin strings in the background of ‘Gone to the Sea’ slowly reveal themselves over repeated listens which nicely niggle away at us behind charming boy/girl harmonies. Their lyrics too quietly creep out of the woodwork after subsequent listens, and while in places they remain incoherent their utterings leave in their wake a midst of intrigue with lyrics that open up the door just as the track closes it. It is the marriage between mesmerising production and deft instrumentation that ultimately allows for the success of this consistent, albeit compressed collection of string laced, indie pop. Yet while it is a hard EP to fault, flowing seamlessly from track to track as naturally as a migratory bird, it sounds like so much that has been done before. But...if you like the sound of Jim James say, channelling reminiscences shrouded in the ‘last days of summer’ type cheerful pop then look no further. Photobucket