A Place to Bury Strangers sound loud. There are very few bands that seem to crush your mind at any volume at but APTBS manage it. This is probably the bands greatest strength, and they have demonstrated it on each of their previous releases. Onwards to the Wall carries on this trend - there is nothing particularly melodic here, no real subtle intricacies, just noise rock that will fill the entirety of your being.

While Onwards to the Wall doesn't herald a new sound for APTBS there are slight developments shown by this group in the EP. The band have moved even further down the path of noise rock. Exploding Head was entirely made up of impossibly loud guitars and booming vocals and while Onwards... does have those elements in plenty, there is also a heavier use of feedback and other non-musical noises. This has lead to a slightly more interesting and diverse sound from the group. Exploding Head was good, but somewhat lacking in variety. The band now seem to have more timbres and noises up their sleeves, and this is only a positive thing.

'Nothing Will Surprise Me' is a strong track, but to create something exceptional the band are going to have use a slightly higher calibre of songwriting. Everything on this short EP is good and worth a listen, but its main merit is in laying out a strong path of progression for the band to follow to their next album.