Label: Fysisk Format Release date: 13/09/10 Link: myspace Stream: Spotify Årabrot are the sort of band you would find nesting behind the fridge: they’re filthy, unpleasant and mildly frightening but then, they are named after the local waste disposal organisation in their hometown in Norway, so that’s exactly how they want you to feel. That, and the coincidental suffix ‘rot’ offers a good insight into the nature of this band, a willingness to welcome the distasteful and revel in it. Their fourth album Revenge is full of furious, raw music that constantly feels that it is being met with resistance, like two positively charged ions. Kjetil Nernes’ vocals sound like he is trying to dislodge something from his throat by singing, as it threatens to slowly choke him, while constant attacks of guitar feedback create atonal, unsettling backgrounds. The introduction to the album, ‘The Most Sophisticated Form of Revenge’ begins with tribal drumming, growled vocals and long, whining feedback, then builds towards an explosion of noise, the archetypal blueprint for what follows. Making the listener feel uneasy is what this album is all about, and the tension that marks the songs here threatens to become unbearable before the full fury of Årabrot is released. You probably wouldn’t want to cuddle them, but Årabrot make excellent heavy music. Owing a debt to the gruffness and raw edge of The Melvins (having worked with producer and former member Billy Anderson in the past), there’s a definite similarity between the two bands, especially in comparison to the Houdini-era Melvins’ work. But Årabrot are somewhat more adventurous, as either part of ‘End of The First Chant’ or ‘Murder’ (punctuated by screams of ‘die, die’) will testify. If that appeals to you then this album is awaiting your embrace in all it’s slimy, gritty glory. This is a brilliant album that covers itself in it’s own inglorious mess and comes out smiling. Photobucket