Label: Bella Union Release date: 06/10/08 Link: Buy: Amazon UK Picture the scene.  Vampire Weekend one day took a trip to Mexico, where on arrival they were kidnapped and forcibly fed all sorts of mind altering drugs over the course of a month. The resulting band would probably sound something like Abe Vigoda. There's no sign of preppy clothing or Peter Gabriel referenced music here though, just a great band you'd probably want to hang around with and in my opinion they've certainly created a much better album than VW. Unlike similar arty-punk bands like No Ago, Abe Vigoda seem to lack the same sort of pompous or pretentious attitude that aforementioned band have or other bands of a similar style. Instead they have a real party element to their music which translates much better in my opinion than alienation, which I often felt with those other arty type bands. Listening to this album feels like you've gatecrashed a really fucking great party full of people you've never met before but for some reason it makes no difference because by the end of it everyone is hugging and dancing and having a real good time. It's not all party music and cowbells though as there's a definite ambient swirl that runs through the entire record to give it an almost MBV feel. This shoegazey element, especially on 'Hyacinth Grrls', only adds to the vintage aspect of the record which really makes it unique in my eyes.  It's not a particularly long album but much like great parties they're over before you know it. 7.5/10