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After two EPs and four mixtapes, Queens rapper Action Bronson has finally released his debut studio album, and it certainly lives up to its name. With Mr. Wonderful, Action Bronson delivers a punchy project with well balanced flow and production.

Much of Action Bronson's following over the past four years has been built off of his infectious personality and cult-figure status. His 'Fuck, That's Delicious' series with Noisey has seen him try some of the most bizarre cuisines across the world. Also known for body slamming stage intruders at his shows and cooking up some of the meanest lamb burgers and baklava, Action's larger than life charisma makes him one of the most entertaining rappers in the game.

The production credits alone are worthy of discussion, with Mark Ronson, Noah '40' Shebib, The Alchemist, 88 Keys and Party Supplies each providing their own sound. At times, Mr. Wonderful can appear to be off the mark just a tad with the crooning, especially on 'Brand New Car'. However, if anyone can pull it off, it's going to be Bronson. Since his arrival in 2011, Bronsoliño has been likened to Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah and whilst they sound similar in voice, they both possess different qualities when it comes to their artistry.

'Baby Blue' co-written by former Radio One DJ, Zane Lowe, is one of the better songs in which Action croons on. The breakup song is well-rounded with the keys and the singing, which actually becomes quite delightful. Chance The Rapper provides his usual panache and with Mark Ronson's production, it becomes one of the best tracks on the album. 'Actin' Crazy' saw Bronson team up with 40, Drake's longtime producer, to provide a solid head banger.

'The Passage', which is a live performance from Prague, is a bit of a weird one. Essentially it's a rock song and Action is heard crooning once again, which is barely audible, but it feels like filler. Perhaps left as a guitar solo, it wouldn't be a skippable track. On the other hand, it flows quite seamlessly into album's closing track, 'Easy Rider' - one of the most quintessentially-Action (and best) tracks on Mr. Wonderful, as it feels like it's come straight off one of the Blue Chips mixtapes.

There are moments on the album when you wonder about the direction of the album. On previous projects there has usually been one producer in either Harry Fraud, The Alchemist or Party Supplies. As there are a myriad of producers on Mr. Wonderful, it may throw some listeners off considering what they're used to hearing from Action Bronson. Nevertheless, there isn't a moment when you feel as if the rapper has deteriorated from a sound that could be associated with him, which in turn provides a safe debut.

The markings of a great rapper needn't be reduced to the strength of a debut album alone. With Action Bronson, he's continuously put out solid bodies of work, whilst never compromising his character. Mr. Wonderful may not be the strongest debut he could've released, but for a rapper that probably doesn't measure his ability by studio albums, neither should we.

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