I'm not sure how he does it but but Mr Gnade has managed to write another fantastic tale of everyday life and this time it's in the form of his novella called The Darkness To The West. It's basically a 60 page short story which Adam describes as “adventure stories all linked together to detail one strange lost summer in America.” I couldn't put it better myself. If you're unfamiliar with Adams work, music or written, I'll give you a brief introduction. He's an American musician/author who has somehow bridged the gap between both mediums. The intertwining of his music and novels through a shared story is something that always fascinated me. Think of him as a modern day blues man without a hint of twelve bars. His first novel, Hymn California, told the story of modern day living without a hint of any sort of structure. Which is what life is all about right? Sometimes it's bleak and a lot of the time pure joy will be found in the simplicity of hanging out with friends and getting drunk, not winning the lottery. The Darkness To The West flows perfectly on from Hymn California and serves as a great taster of his talent to newcomers. So if you fancy becoming obsessed by someone with a lot of talent then I suggest you buy this right now or anything else he's done. www.adamgnade.com