Label: Dustbowl Records Release date: 08/03/10 MySpace From a sonic standpoint, Adelaide’s Cape make their mark as a folk act. The primary project of lead singer and guitarist Sam Taylor, the music flourishes when it’s pared down and direct, and often falters when attempting to expand. But such diversions cannot keep their new EP, Last Sleep In Albion from remaining a solid piece of folk/pop. When the edges can be seen, felt, related to, like in statements, “We choked on gas,” the music’s confessional beauty comes to the forefront. Likewise, the entirety of ‘Anchored Down,’ with its sea ambience and simple bending acoustic is an aching entity of what folk can do. While Taylor gently sings, almost sotto voce, “Let the sun set, fall, let it fade away,” and, “No love lost, no bitter feeling,” before launching into more bends and triplets somewhere between ‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’ (albeit at half the speed) and ‘Southern Point.’ What with the huge success of that song, it’s easy to forgive the sections of awful Dave Matthews style vocals on ‘Rush Hour Wind.’ Really only opener ‘This Fiction’ reeks of extreme mediocrity, with a stale shit-kicker verse riff and predictable chords over the one-two stomp of reverb soaked drums. Really the golden piece in the pile is the delicate chorus that can at times sound like a UK version of ‘Lanterns.’ “This is what I was wishing for,” replaces, “How did you know to come over tonight,” in the all too short chorus. Really the successes of this band lay in remaining true to Taylor’s own roots of the project – one man and a guitar. The extra female vocals and tighter sections (check out the ending of ‘Girl of The Land,’ which is samba joyousness that could have benefited ‘This Fiction’) make this a much better effort than that intro song. But if you can dig it, let it be dug. Photobucket