I'm often accused of hyping too many artists, claiming that [insert name] are great and deserve to be heard. I guess this is true but not when it comes to Adem.

Ever since I heard his debut album Homesongs, I've been a huge fan. The way he mixes folk with more contemporary, electronic influenced music is often breathtaking. When you add that to the warmth that his vocals bring, you have a recipe for success in my eyes (or ears). So yesterday when I was visiting Fopp I browsed the new section only to find a pretty cover with Adem written on it. I new that he was going to be bringing out a new album soon but I wasn't ready to see it in shops quite yet (not that I was complaining!).

The new album is called Takes and sees Adem give us his take on some of his favourite tracks, ranging from 'Unravel' by Bjork all the way through to PJ Harvey's 'Oh My Lover'. I find the idea of a covers album often hard to take, especially when it includes one of your favourite songs, but it's not bad. Rather than trying to make each song sound completely new, Adem manages to keep the foundation of what made the original so great in the first place, while managing to bring enough of his own style to the table too.

Regardless of whether you like the originals or not, Adem really must have put a lot of effort into the songs he picked because the album flows really effortlessly (which is one of the greatest things he's achieved here).

As far as criticisms go, you could argue that he's not really bettered many of the tracks that he's covered, especially 'Unravel', but this is still worthy of your attention. Now go out there and get it! And while you're there, get Homesongs too!