Label: Run Of The Mill Release date: 15/11/10 Link: Myspace Numerous bands turn to the dark side after their debut. They dismiss the pop and gain a sense of reality; their upbeat melodies melt into a sinister broth, stirring in maturity and wisdom. Aged Yummy have done exactly that. Despite the typical pop name ‘Let’s Connect Dots’, the unpredictable rhythms stray away from typical pop and bring an innovative sound. The song commences with 30 seconds of obscure riffs and parallel vocal melodies. However, the initial outlandish chaos is soon interrupted with a melodic tune, which let’s you forgive the bizarre opening, making it seem as though you never thought it cruel to your ear drums. Nonetheless, pop is an impossible category to crawl out of once you are labelled and the chorus is a perfect example. The lyrics ‘let’s connect dots’ are endlessly repeated, yet the repetitive vocals are broken up with a sporadic tune that puts your mind at rest as you are reminded of the innovation and quirk that Aged Yummy convey. Similarly, ‘Two Hands’ is crammed with erratic riffs and rhythms. The chorus contrasts to the buoyant verses with a steady beat and synchronised notes from the bass and guitar. The completely irregular fill that would usually be occupied by a drum kit consists of 6 fast notes from the guitar then bursts into the verse and the song is soon at a swift termination. Run Of The Mill records have a knack for finding the best up and coming bands, what with Pifco being a priority of theirs and revolutionary fixtures like AY’s summate that ‘Let’s Connect Dots/Two Hands’, which is released on 15th November, has a huge amount of potential. Photobucket