Label: Pias Recordings Release date: 06/09/10 Link: Myspace Buy/Stream: Amazon/Spotify Agnes Obel’s Riverside resembles some kind of collection of musical fairy tales, captivating, chilling and full of beautiful idyllic moments. This haunting collection combines the power of Agnes’s delivery with an incredibly fragile, dream like style. Agnes’s sweet soothing vocals gently drift through your ears in a relaxing yet oddly disconcerting manner making them feel tinged with a sense of warning leaving you in a strange mixed state of complete relaxation and discomfort. It’s an odd sensation but one that strangely works here as you find yourself becoming lost in this spine tingling release able to stay in the strange dream like haze for as long as Agnes can keep you. Although there’s no much in the way of variation, each track is captivating enough to keep things interesting enough for you to once again be pulled back into Agnes’s world for another listen. It’s a shame things seem a bit one sided with slow melodies really taking centre stage here and although Agnes’s style might not fit a more upbeat outing it would have been interesting to hear the result. That being said Riverside is a strong introduction to the wonderful world of Agnes Obel and manages to incite you enough into delving deeper into this oddly relaxing artist. Photobucket