Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel released the follow-up to 2013's wonderful Aventine a month or so ago titled Citizens of Glass, and marked perhaps not a full-on departure, but certainly a strong evolution in style in those three years.

In an insightful interview with the 405 recently, the now Berlin-based Obel described her latest and third album in the following terms: "It's an album about secrets, about transparency and about the sensation and fragility of being made of glass". It's heavy on the contextual front - her albums are always carefully thought out, full of delightful intricacies, contemplative lyrics, and generally plenty of food for the head; Citizens of Glass more so than ever arguably (the conceptual word oft used in reviews of the album).

This is all very much mirrored in her live performance at Shepherd's Bush Empire on a brisk Sunday night, the fragile, brittle idea behind the album very much evident in delicate, nebulous sounds on offer. There's a real tension to the music here ya know. Even at the very back behind the bar where we were stationed, the usual chattering of humans and clattering of glasses were nearly 100% absent; a real reverence, a silence, infused the venue. I felt far removed from the usual 'Sunday night dread' of another working week that usually creeps up on me after a certain time on Sunday - very much pulled in to Obel's fabulously-woven world.

Naturally the set was heavy with tracks from Citizens of Glass especially for the first half as Agnes and the three others on stage, all dressed head-to-toe in white, all harmonised on certain tracks to a delightful effect. The more cinematic soundscapes of both Aventine and Philharmonics do get an airing (the 'bangers' if you will such as 'Riverside', found in the encore, and 'Run Cried to the Calling') and thus created a healthy variance in sound. Oh and can we talk about how beautiful 'Dorian' is? Spoiler: incredibly. While the 'food for the head' and conceptual matters obviously matter and are important in regards the whole package and to get to another level, it's the sheer shimmering, haunting, and elegant soundscapes that really resonated in a live setting, and created a delightful headspace to climb into on this Sunday night.