There is no album as close to my heart than Air's 1998 album Moon Safari. It's been my favourite album for as long as I can remember. First introduced to it by a roommate at University, I have found it to be the perfect album for summer, winter; morning, evening; relaxing, partying; Anytime I put it on I am transported away and it cheers me up.

Air are now back with their first album in three years. It isn't quite as simple as that though. It's a film soundtrack. That's not new for them though. They scored Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides back in 2000. A truly wonderful job they did too. It isn't quite as simple as that either though. No, this is a soundtrack to a classic silent movie from 1902. I didn't even know they had films in 1902. What would you expect though? This is the band that decided to record an album with lyrics read from an Italian book about a horse.

Don't go into this thinking of it as just gimmicky though (the same goes for the aforementioned City Reading (Tre Storie Western) by the way). This is a truly beautiful album. If the role of a soundtrack is not just to score the onscreen performance, but also promote the film, then this album does it perfectly. It has been commissioned to accompany a restored version of the original film and I will be searching high and low to find a cinema to watch this in.

Highlights include the tracks that Air pull in more beautiful people with beautiful voices in the shape of Beach House's Victoria Legrand on 'Seven Stars' and previous collaborators Au Revoir Simone on 'Who Am I Now?'. Beautiful. Elsewhere, 'Parade' is classic Air with a modern pace and 'Sonic Armada' couldn't sound more like you'd expect Air to sound today if you've followed them from Moon Safari to Love 2 with all in between.

This is more than a soundtrack. This is more than an experiment. This is an Air album for 2012 and an early contender for the End of Year lists.