Release Date: 05/05/09 Label: Dead Oceans Link: Akron/Family has in the last year said goodbye to founding member Ryan Vanderhoof and have played globally acknowledged mindblowing sets around the world. Most famously Emo's in Austin were Akron/Family and their band of merry men took to the streets leading fans and passers by to join in the sing-a-long and celebration of this band! For Akron lovers and listeners they will undoubtedly see the departure from the sound we were all accustomed to. 'Everyone is Guilty', the opening track throws us all right in at the deep end, group vocals are still prominent, but in a stronger way. The music runs and jumps and stomps in your ears letting you know, "hey, we're still us but we're different and you're gonna like it!" The excitedness of the song is alike to previous material yet completely different. Forgive me, but, its far 'proggier' far 'folkier' and far noisier then before. I like it! Naturally the abum progresses and throws songs from all over the genres at us, but as always its welcome. If anyone knows how to put prog, with psych, with freak, with folk and make it fresh its Akron/Family. Creatures, track 3, is a glorious mish mash of electronic sounds, relaxed beats, calmer vocals and new atmosphere. Yet MBF track 8 is a full on rock out, noise fest, which is exciting and fuck it, completely unexpected. Screaming vocals at the end? Yes, yes please. Last Year, the very last song, is a perfect homage to the past. Very lovely way to end the album. Best track on the album? Well depending on how you like your Akron/Family will make choosing it easier, for me, They Will Appear is the one that makes me really sink into the album, and makes me press repeat to listen again. Drums, fire crackling, a single small riff, group vocals and then into group chanting. Perfect! The departure of Ryan Vanderhoof is easily heard on this record. Its still recognisably Akron/Family but its a little different. However saying that, there is a clear juxtaposition between the old A/F and the future A/F. The record is a myriad of genres, instruments and influences and its also beautiful. Fans of Akron/Family will not be disappointed but new listeners may have to explore the back catalogue to appreciate the latest effort throroughly. This record is irresistable and exciting. UK dates soon please! Rating: 8.5/10