Pietu Arvola working under the pseudonym Albert Swarm is another one of those special producers; able to create sounds, beats and any other type of manipulating aural stimulation while us mere mortals look on in wonder.

Having released his debut EP Held late last year, Swarm has moved the goal posts and turned off the lights with a much darker sound and an emphasis on percussive elements. I'd describe Wake as an alternative Drive soundtrack, instead replacing catchy lyrics and more commonly known beats and bloops with metallic pulses.

As mentioned earlier, strong percussion leads Swarm’s march with injections of ethereal vocals lost in a mix as deep as the ocean. Surrounded by a harsh, deplorable world of soulless skyscrapers one minute to flying through the clouds with an unknown species the next. A change of scenery happens frequently throughout, sometimes even changing again on repeat listens. Indeed, the playfulness shown with Wake's change of pace and mood at only 7 tracks long is undeniably charming.

Admittedly Swarm uses well known techniques heard many times before, but he manages to keep Wake sounding fresh and will undoubtedly bring joy to whomever wishes to join him on this journey. While Held was an EP that showed great vision but a distinct lack of overall direction, Wake – excuse the pun – truly sees Swarm, wake up.