Label: Bella Union Link: After the critically acclaimed Sun Giant Ep, Fleet Foxes return with the first full length album, which is self titled. The thing that struck my most about the Sun Giant Ep was Fleet Foxes harmonies. They're just incredible. So you'll be glad to hear that their latest release is held in place by some of the most beautiful four part harmonies you're likely to hear all year long. They often get compared to Midlake, especially on the harmonies side of things, but they seem a little more credible. As much as i like Midlake, Trials Of Van... being an incredible album, i always felt like they were purposively creating music for a certain demographic, or that it was a homage to late 60's/early 70's rock à la Fleetwood Mac. On first listen i knew instantly the music they created was a modern incarnation of that sound but with Fleet Foxes, had i not known they were a contemporary band, i could have been persuaded they came from that era. A great example of this is on 'Tiger Mountain Peasant Song'. Just check the vocals of Robin Pecknold on this track and tell me you don't think the same. I dare you. So what would you expect to hear if you got those record? Well, like i said, a lot of harmonies ('Sun It Rises'). A blend of traditional folk, alt-country, a touch of psychedelia and often the sort of surfer like pop sensibilities that only Brian Wilson could conjure up. The only reason i doesn't get a perfect score from me is down to the fact that a couple of the songs seem to tail off a bit but that's the only criticism i have of this album. If you were put off by the mention of the harmonies then i suggest you listen to the finale to the album, 'Oliver James', just to hear the spooky, yet stunning, vocals from Pecknold. This years just keeps getting better. Highlight: White Winter Hymnal Download: White Winter Hymnal Rating: 8.9/10