Under a microscope, Taylor Swift's music tends to share similar DNA to marmite. And if you don't get that tired reference, that's on you.

However, with her latest album - Lover - she's reached a point in her career whereby none of it really matters. In a world that looks increasingly likely to self-combust at any moment, what does Taylor Swift offer? Her music doesn't really say anything that you can take any kind of comfort in. And that's fine - not every artist has to be high on the woke scale - but if you're not saying anything, are you at least giving people an escape from their shitty reality? Are you getting them on their feet? Lover somehow fails at that test too.

From the painfully dull 'Me!', all the way through to the AI-generated lyrics for 'London Boy' - which somehow created social media fodder more interesting than this mess of an album - you're left wondering who Lover is for.

What this album represents is an artist that has been immensely popular for a very long time, suddenly lacking the motivation to move the goalposts. Remember when Eminem started out and every bar felt like a fight for survival, but then once he made a bunch of money, he quickly became a bulletless gun shooting into the wind of his 12-bedroom mansion in Detroit? Tayor Swift probably isn't quite there yet, but if Lover is anything to go by, the sands of time are running low.

We could give this album any number of ratings. 1/10 feels just as appropriate as 5/10. Ultimately, none of it matters.