Brighton's indie label Faux Discx are releasing a number of split 7" and the latest of these, all of which are colour coded, is the MAGENTA release which features two tracks apiece from Sauna Youth and Ale Mania. Sauna Youth are based in Brighton and London while Ale Mania hail from San Diego, California. It's also a very limited series with only 300 copies of each release worldwide.

Ale Mania open proceedings with 'Escare Cage', which instantly transports you to the 80s. It's all about the synths and bass guitar as the track starts. It's a fairly slow tempo, with the record awash in effects. Vocally it's something akin to Ian Curtis if he'd been a New Romantic. 'Peoline' is a bit more up tempo. There's a touch of Spandau Ballet to the rhythm this time, but smothered in a hazy guitar and tons of effects. It feels a little crowded and the vocal seems lost beneath everything else.

Sauna Youth are a different proposition. Their first track 'Backgrounds' sprints out the blocks in a flurry of distorted guitars. It feels a bit like New York Punk and rattles along at a fair tilt. There's plenty of effects here too, but without the overcrowded feeling. It's a really catchy, infectious number. 'Harsh Realm' begins in almost identical fashion for the first few seconds. The vocals aren't as aggressive as the initial track, but the guitars are again layered in feedback and distortion. A catchy, repeating note shines out between verses and adds a nice contrast. It's a heavier feel than 'Backgrounds' with an equally high tempo, before it ends very suddenly. Great stuff.

Of the two, Sauna Youth were the band that grabbed me most, but this is more down to my own personal preference for the type of music they deliver. There's plenty people out there will lap up Ale Mania as well and as a split release this has a really nice feel to it with two contrasting, but equally energetic approaches, to the music.