Label:Names Records Release date: 02/10/09 Softly sung and deftly played in a traditional folk style with none of the avant garde trappings of electronics displayed by many other groups in the tidal wave of country and folk that has been washing over us for a good many years now. This is not meant as a disparaging comment at all but it's nice to hear something so very simple, delicate and touchingly beautiful. We are given just guitar and voice with plenty of finger picking and vocal harmonies. Lyrically it bows a mournful world weary head and gives a glimpse into a life hard lived and painfully ended. I particularly like the song Matty Groves about a doomed feudal love affair between a young peasant boy and the wife of the lord of the manor. Rake tells of a late repentant lover his body old and worn, whilst Amidst The Movement seems to find a beauty in sinking to the bottom of the waters and what is found in the depths. If you revel in the sad sweetness of life, if you can find the cathartic joy in deep fulsome sobs pulled from the heart of your being like a cleansing life affirming rain then enjoy this collection of songs that reflect a pale slice of those truer feelings. Innit? Rating: 7.5/10