S.E.F kicks off his new Switched On Records venture with an impressive EP from newcomer Alex D££mnds. The new label consciously moves away from the hybrid house-come-garage sound of Deep Teknologi towards more orthodox deep house, and this first release is the perfect example.

Over three tracks, Alex D££mnds introduces himself as an exciting and talented new producer. He never attempts to veer far from a standard house template, and in doing so, makes a refreshing and clear stance against current trends. Each track boasts the timeless characteristics of so much good, house music; patient progression, just enough sampling and a perfectly steady rhythm. There's something pleasingly respectful about the way Alex D££mands does nothing different, just does, well, what has been done before.

Both 'Credentials,' and 'Pressure' offer an almost trancelike synth melody giving them an edge just sufficient to claim traits of 'big room' house. 'Baidin' is more of a head-nodder. Centred around the pulse of a soft kick and infectious cymbals, it grooves along before being punctuated by a stop-in your-tracks vocal sample. A solid debut release from both a producer and label showing commitment to their influences. Definitely recommended and unsurprisingly picking up support from the likes of Martyn, Sinden and DVA.