There's an icy, piercing wind that sweeps across Camden High Street on this midweek evening, which may go someway to explaining the mad juvenile dash spurred by the recently flung-open Electric Ballroom doors. However, it continues barrier-wards, with London revellers seemingly just as galvanized to see hotly tipped, South East London producer Alex Light behind the decks tonight as any one else on the line-up. Unfortunately, the slightly ill thought scheduling means the historic venue is still steadily filling throughout his unmissable unveiling; meaning the atmosphere starts rather cold, before concluding in the kind of dizzy hysteria that only a tightly-executed, hook-laden DJ set can trigger.

As seen in 2012, a near-fearless vision of dance music has seen an emphatic rise to prominence for intelligent, upcoming producers - namely in the singular wisdom of Croydon sibling duo Disclosure, who have against the odds made sun-kissed UKG sound like the future for a mass-audience. It's this same penchant for the noughties most-unfashionable genre tonight that suggests Alex Light will follow in their footsteps, climbing unhindered to the peak of iTunes charts and Euro festival tent bills. Throughout his blend of skittery, synth-step there's the occasional trace of honeyed, falsetto vocals that nod to 2007 enigma Burial, albeit if that mysterious character had been born with an inclination towards to catching Mediterranean-directed rays rather than residue from night bus windows. That said, the crouched lone figure under the deep purple lights shows a knack for something that deserves so much more than such deplorable pigeon-holing – his eclectic mix even throwing a fidgety, souped-up Groove Armada makeover at the sweat-sullied turnout to great aplomb.

However, it's his vivid re-thinking of tonight's headliner, Feed Me, which is ultimately the set's standout. 'Love Is All I Got', the latter's collaboration with Crystal Fighters, invigorates the cavernous ballroom surrounds, such is the stratospheric nature of Alex Light's EP-featured remix. Consequently, as the spliced beats and 90s house euphoria draw to a triumphant close, it leaves in its wake a fuzzy feeling and little doubt that this is the birth of something incredibly special indeed.