Label: Marine Parade Release date: 30/11/09 Website: Who is Alex Metric? Well, for the uninitiated, he’s a producer. And a songwriter… as well as a singer. Oh, and a DJ. And a Remix demon. So, jack-of-all-trades, master of none you might say? Judging by this latest offering, definitely not. No-siree-bob. The mighty talented one of all things electronic is back with one last EP before the hotly anticipated debut album, due out early next year – and it follows a similar procedure of the splendid previous EP The Head Straight. Title track It Starts strikes a delicate balance of accessibility and straight-up dance-floor beats. Following his traditional 80’s synth-pop sentiments, at three minutes long, it has one foot firmly placed in indie territory with hooky sing-a-long lyrics and forward structuring, whilst the other foot jerks about to house music. A bit like eating a bag of Percy Pigs; sweet, colourful, surprisingly more-ish, and leading to hyperactivity. Choppy-synths, short and sharp, overground yet not compromising his own style and roots. That describes Daft Punk, yes? BUT… Metric showcases his further depth with two massive B-Sides here. Discotron sounds like it has been cryogenically frozen since 1986, and desperate for it’s voice to be heard – a composite of electronics, no lyrics, French-electro-house style; Justice at their grittiest. Following on for a stunning double-header, Gusto drops in like a runaway bulldozer exactly a minute in after an exhilarating build-up, before continuing on its destructive journey. It is this contradiction in style that makes Metric an artist that will soon see his face thrust into the stands of newsagents very soon. Never compromising credibility with his leading pop-singles, and never a self-indulgence with his electro-house work; always a pleasure in both fields. The new album should be a belting ruddy great stonker. Rating: 8/10 MP3: Alex Metric - Gusto What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!