Born in London and raised in a plethora of nations, including Scotland, Greece and France, Alexi Murdoch's nomadic upbringing has certainly shaped his life as an artist. Hiding away across the pond in America, Alexi's first two releases, Four Songs EP and Time Without Consequence LP, developed the significant fan base that led to his tracks featuring on various American sitcoms and his eventual task of producing a soundtrack to hit indie film Away We Go. Throughout this period Alexi has remained significantly mysterious, rarely touring in Europe and sporadically venturing into the glaring light of press features and interviews. However this level of mystery seems a genuine; a wish to remain away from the normal celebrity status acquainted with Alexi's current notoriety. With his third release, Towards The Sun, Alexi's authenticity and firmly grounded acoustic roots are both displayed with staggering intimacy and quality.

The record begins with the title track 'Towards The Sun', which establishes the tone of the album through gentle guitar string picking and movements of serene piano. However it is Alexi's vocals, prominent at the forefront of the track, which truly add a beautiful level of intimacy. This is furthered into 'At Your Door' and 'Some Day Soon', which are both set at a somewhat faster tempo, but both retain the same delicate qualities that had introduced the record. 'Slow Revolution', surprisingly, slows proceedings down once again. It is important to note at this point that many may argue that after half of the record, not much has actually happened. This is true, insofar as there is a risk that a casual listener may allow the music to simply wash over without care or interaction. However as 'Slow Revolution' demonstrates, the beauty of Alexi's music is present in its subtleties. His lyrics, as they have been throughout the record, find a level of mystery in their balance between a recognisable story, interlaced with cryptic sub plots that both invoke curiosity and wonder in a listener. Moreover, while Alexi's guitar is the significant instrumental throughout the album, a keen listener will pick up moments of brass and woodwind that, again, may be lost on a passive listener who simply waits for the music to hit them.

Approaching the end of the album, 'Through The Dark' stands out as one of the strongest tracks due to its seeming simplicity. Alexi sings "I love you girl, I love you more than words can say", presumably a self referential moment as Alexi is indeed singing about the girl in an attempt to express his love rather than simply saying it. This is combined with a relatively repetitive set of guitar chords, however while this may sound mundane with other artists, Alexi manages to manipulate other sounds within the track to create a lasting atmosphere. 'The Light (Her Hands Were Leaves)' temporarily returns to the slightly faster tempo that was present in 'At Your Door' and 'Some Day', before sailing into the 9 minute finale of 'Crinian Wood'. Standing as the last track of the record, 'Crinian Wood' quite neatly sums up all that is positive about Alexi and his music. Poetic lyrics, delicate sounds and subtle beauty, with all of this Alexi Murdoch manages to create a record that may be criminally lost on some listeners, or may otherwise enthrall those willing to delve a little deeper into the intimate window each track opens.