St Hauda's Land is an island. And, as anyone who has ever lived on one knows, islands are strange places. This island, for example, contains moth-winged cattle, secrets and isolation. And is currently home to a girl with a very strange condition. Definitely fiction, but stopping short of fantasy, if you can suspend disbelief about the strange fauna which inhabit St Hauda's Land, this is a beautiful tale of love and loss, of families and of the past. Quite simply, this is a story about people, and how events that have occured during their lives affect the way they view the world. Wonderfully written, this book is sad without being depressing, strange without getting silly and open without seeming self-indulgent. I became ensnared by the people of St Hauda's Land, drawn in to their rivalries and their relationships, and I'm willing to bet that you will be too.