Label: 'Er Indoors Records Release date: 28/09/09 Website: MySpace Have you heard The View? Have you heard The Pigeon Detectives? Have you heard The Wombats? If the answer was yes to any of those questions, then you’ve heard Allegro, and there’s really not much more to it. ‘City Lights’ is just too average. In the wake of all the Libertines’ copyists, there lie hundreds of bands who never quite made it, trailing behind the bands including those mentioned above, all of which are now fighting for their lives against the invading force of electro-pop. I doubt there is much of a bright future for Allegro, whose music is four-chord jangly indie ‘punk’ with simple beats, repetitive lyrics and basic guitar solos. This is sad really, because the production of ‘City Lights’ has had some care taken, and there might be some talent masked by the poor song (I can’t tell). You probably wouldn’t hate it. If it came on the radio, you might bop along to its upbeat chords; however, it’s as uninspired as you can get, a million different pub-standard bands doing the same, and not even saved by the virtue of being in the right genre at the right time. The best element is the vocal part, slightly unusual in tone, and not as yelpy as Matt Bowman’s, but it needs more than a decent singer to save this type of pop from extinction. Rating: 3/10