Label: Fortuna POP! Release date: 15/11/2010 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon ‘My Heart is a Drummer’ is the fourth single from Allo Darlin’s self-titled debut album. Having really enjoyed the album, I’m surprised they’ve chosen to release this particular song so late, as I found it to be the instant standout track. Allo Darlin’ sound like a folksy surf-pop alternative to the twee indie-pop bands of the 80s, but by combining Elizabeth Morris’ husky voice with lively drum beats, they manage to keep it current enough to be commercially accessible. The addition of the ukulele in this track gives it a folksier feel than some of the other songs on their album, and the video’s charming home-made effect makes it very difficult not to enjoy the song. Lyrically, the song is quite twee, it sounds like very early Noah and the Whale (emphasised by the ukulele) but manages to avoid being too sickly-sweet by pairing the cheerful, cutesy melody with fairly dark lyrics. The recurring chorus of “I know that I’m stronger than you are” contrasts sharply with the catchy bass line and sugary-sweet vocals. ‘My Heart is a Drummer’ is infectious to the point where it’ll be stuck in your head days after listening, but it’s so cheerful and happy it’s very doubtful you’ll mind. Photobucket