I have a bit of a theory concerning pop music within our shores right now. How many of you find yourselves out at clubs; or at friend's parties, unable to resist the urge to get up and dance your heart out to Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe'? Come on, there's no need to be ashamed about it. We're all doing it; tinnie in hand, prancing about on sofa's across the country as we sing that incessant chorus that's been stuck in our heads almost every other day. My theory is that pop music – specifically that stereotypical Top 40 chart stuff - is no longer becoming such an embarrassment; such a stigma of our culture; such a guilty pleasure. We're going back to the Craig David days, and AlunaGeorge are leading the way.

It only takes the 3 tracks on their debut EP, You Know You Like It, to confirm that this duo is a force to be reckoned with. "You know you like it but it drives you insane / you know you like it but you're scared of the shame" goes the irresistible chorus of opener 'You Know You Like It', AlunaGeorge's ridiculously catchy magnum opus. If you haven't heard this track by now I'd take a guess that you've been doing your very best to either a) avoid it at every turn or b) you've simply been living under a rock this year. It's the pinnacle of AlunaGeorge's fantastic formula: that is, it's exactly the right combination of sugar-sweet Top 40 pop and UK funky garage. Sure, at a glance, it might just be just another 'Call Me Maybe' - but it's so much more than that. Who in their right mind can't acknowledge the brilliance of the hook? Aluna's silky smooth vocals? The scrumptious melody? These are two kids from East London who are reviving probably the highlight subgenre of pop music in the last decade: garage.

Aluna Francis and George Reid collide with so much flair and ignite each other with so much soul that if they don't conquer the UK charts by the end of the year – and I mean absolutely obliterate them – it'll be a huge crime. They may as well have been born to do this. The premise is all there: Aluna, with her R&B Ciara attitude and Kelis flair; George with his production style firmly rooted in UK funky garage, nodding to Sweet Female Attitude and Artful Dodger like unsung heroes of charts gone by. The former's 'Flowers' can be heard subtly throughout 'Put Up Your Hands' and that's no bad thing – it's just as huge as that track once was (and still is!).

Then there's the gloriously groovy 'Just A Touch', which, like the cute girl who keeps catching your eye in the corner of the dance floor, flirts with your senses and keeps you coming back for more. It's all elevated again by George's ridiculously on-par production, swirling and whirring beats that take Aluna's gorgeous voice to all sorts of new heights. Did I mention how irresistible she is?

Without a doubt, 'You Know You Like It' is the pop song of the year so far. Sure, there's strong competition from the likes of Icona Pop and Niki & Dove, but I wouldn't like to consider these acts being competition at all. As long as pop music continues to reach this level of standard; this level of legitimacy, then I'm happy, and you should be too. Put up your hands and enjoy it. You know you like it.