Label: Shangri-La Music (US), V2/Cooperative (UK, Europe) Website: Official Website From the opening of Headdress, it is perfect for radio. Catchy intro guitar, Britpop-esque 'aahs', generic chord changes and self-conscious, breathy male vocals all add up to a great track for rock radio stations everywhere. The lyrics are just saucy enough to cause a stir, maybe some mild shock, but not so risqué as to cause the song to be banned - the amount of controversy ideal for a radio hit. The main problem is, it is nothing more than 'perfect for radio'. It does not withstand many listens, and within its 3:58, gets rather boring; even skilful guitar playing cannot save it from this fate. Fans of Kids In Glass Houses, Hockey and (possibly) MGMT might see something in this track, but I predict: not for long. Rating: 5/10 Buy: Amazing Baby Shop