An Albatross are a wonderful mongrel of a band. Combining elements of psych-rock, grind-core, and what sounds like fairground music from some sort of spooky carnival they have created a new album full of twists and turns which will have you scratching your head as well as flailing your limbs around.

This is the follow up to the wonderful and ingenious Blessphemy (Of the Peace Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Warp Kumite) and this time they’ve invited everyone to the party. The album features all members of An Albatross past and present in some way, shape, or form.

Stand out track The Hymn of the Angel People starts off at break-neck pace, with a blistering organ attack, which gives way to a grotesque hoe-down which in turn gives way to a contemplative breakdown with a spoken word segment that tells the tale of ‘love beasts which shook and shiver in the night’ this then dissolves into a frantic gallop to the finish line.

One of An Albatross’ great talents is that they are able to stop their headlong ride into freaked out rhythms and carnival beats, relaxing things, just for a second before leaping forward with razor wire guitars strangling Eddie B Gieda III’s vocals. These brief pauses for breath help stun the listener when the music kicks back in, like a roundhouse kick to the face.

Although it will take most people a few listens to get their heads around all the parts, particularly if you compare it to, their earlier work on, I Am the Lazer Viking which followed a straighter forward Grind-Core path. It will be well worth the time invested. It’s an album that keeps surprising you each time you listen to it, with an inventive beat, squawk or squeal. It’s good to see/hear that ‘extreme’ bands are still able to push the envelope when it comes to mapping out new sonic territory.

N.B. An Albatross are playing their only headline show on the 1st of November at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, with the always wonderful/terrifying Trencher as support. I strongly urge you to attend this if you can as they are meant to be a terrific live act, which isn’t hard to believe if you’ve ever listened to them.