Artist: Anathallo Album: Canopy Glow Release Date: 19/11/08 Label: Anticon Link: Firstly I would like to thank Yoni Wolf of Why? fame for helping Anathallo get signed to Anticon. My respect for you is now at an all time high! So how does it sound? Well for me it's not quite as fun as Floating World was, in exchange for that they seemed to have gotten a lot darker. Don't worry, they haven't started to write heavy metal songs, it's just a lot more darker than what I was expecting. Even with this added element they still kept faithful to their best core ingredient, which is to create interesting and life affirming music that often puts Sigur Ros, the masters of that style in my opinion, to shame.  Another remarkable thing about this album is it's way of sounding completely different every time you listen to it. It's almost as if it's evolving right in front of you. This made the act of giving this album a rating out of ten harder with every listen as on first listen it was a 7/10 but now it's at an 8/10. I'm sure whatever I put below will be retracted/changed at some point anyway so don't pay too much attention to it! Personal highlights for me have to be the stupidly beautiful 'All The First Places'. I'm pretty sure this will be the tear jerking moment for everyone when they see it performed live. When I found out Anathallo had signed to Anticon I, like many others, was shocked. The relationship just seems a little but weird, not just for Anathallo but for Anticon too. But at the end of the day all that matters is that Anathallo have written another great record and finally with the distribution Anticon has, they might just get the recognition and exposure they deserve. Rating: 8/10