Antlered Man set the ground with heavy stoner rock mixed with psychedelic-ish flutes and a well-used Gibson guitar played just like John Paul Jones would play his quirky Manson lap steel guitar. Lots of energy and an acceptable quality of sound. Right rig for an small venue like the O2 ABC.

Then ASYWIFA came out, Rory Friers welcomed the audience with an epic sip of beer (they’re Irish after all) and started the match. And so I watched them from very afar when I was pushed back by the crowd of youngsters on Vans that dressed the experience with lots of flying alcohol and bruises over our skin. Sound was deflecting everywhere and coming back to amps that were turned to the max. Cheerful Ambulance, and other tracks like Gang made them worthy of the name 'Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah' more than any other band. I could imagine what was going on, I have listened to their records before. Non-familiar crowd? Well, erm... Buy the record.

Something grand about this gig: HMV can breathe safely, as modern-day audio engineers will transform live shows into 30kbps previews of bands' records.

Let the beer flow!

Antlered Man