Venue: Patronaat, Haarlem – The Netherlands Support Bands: Ed Laurie Date: 09/05/09 There was a line in front of Haarlem's Patronaat venue. Passing locals must have wondered what was going on. The Patronaat venue is usually pretty laid back, visitors don't cue up for shows, they arrive on time and expect a front row seat. But things were different last night. Ane Brun played. The Norwegian singer/songwriter, mostly known for her folky influences, ended her European club tour in Haarlem, The Netherlands on Saturday night. As the room fills up with people, all eager to see the Scandinavian superstar play, UK singer Ed Laurie takes the stage to showcase his work. Slow, mellow songs with again, that folky sound. The crowd seems to enjoy it, possibly more like a piece of amazing background music instead of an actual show. Laurie has this sweet innocence about him. It makes him blend in with his surroundings, which isn't necessarily positive for a musician. Even in a rather small venue Laurie easily gets overlooked. Ane Brun has this same innocence about her, but she is present. In a jokey, giggly way she sets foot on stage. Her eyes sparkle. Brun clearly enjoys playing music, singing her songs and interacting with the crowd. Focussed, she plays her three guitars, serving the crowd with hit songs like 'My Lover Will Go' and 'Changing of the Seasons'. Between every single song, Brun takes time to keep her fans posted on what she's doing, what she will be doing and even what happened these exact moments during previous shows. And even though her deep, strong voice is enough to pull the crowd in, it is these moments that make the show. To see that she is nothing more than a person like all of us, nothing more than a person enjoying life and trying to make the best of it. 'This song is about heartache, all of my songs are about heartache', she says, 'and the next song is about my ex. A different side of heartache. I wrote it before he became my ex'. Sarcasm: another thing Brun is good at. 'I guess, I'm too Scandinavian', she sings. Well, if this is what it means to be Scandinavian then I'd gladly change my passport. Three background singers, three guitars, an amazing cellist and a voice most can only dream of: what an amazing night. For more photos, check out Melanie Caitlin.