Label: Navigator Records Release date: Out now! Website: Angel Brothers Official Website Angel Brothers Angel Brothers. A crunk london band, a cinematic roots funk band, and (presumably a different group altogether...) the Angel Brothers who are purveyors of music that is easily described as World, but actually amounts to a whole lot more. From the very first minute of Angel Brothers’ new, self-titled album, it’s obvious that the subsequent sounds will be tinged and coloured by an understanding and appreciation of styles from all over the world. ‘World-music’ is indeed a disservice, but ultimately this offering can lay claim to being a diverse melange of sounds and instruments, but happily one thing remains constant throughout - the quality. The Bombay-born female vocalist Sandhya Sanjana adds a fantastic timbre and actual vocal element to proceedings, and outside of the sphere of her influence every track still offers something unique; be it eastern guitars, elements of jazz or traditional english fiddle. Unlike so much similarly relaxing, melodic instrumentals however, there are moments of real song-writing finesse that elevate this release above the disastrous plateau of easy-listening. It’s when the staccato violins punctuate the hypnotic bongo drums for example, or when the guitar modes slip into fusion territory, sounding like The Mahavishnu Orchestra playing a more chilled out WOMAD set, that Angel Brothers make you believe they could carve a real niche for themselves into what is already an under appreciated but much loved subset. Make no mistake however; these are not songs desperately clamouring for your attention, leaping from your speakers and demanding you sit up and listen. On the contrary, in many ways, they’d be happy for you to lie down with a fine bourbon and concentrate on the many layers, the subtle grooves (which are surprisingly plentiful) and soak up the ambience. The range, the diversity, the instrumentation and composition are all of an incredibly high standard. The end result is beautiful, a musical journey around the world in a sense, although more likely a soundtrack to your own wandering imagination. Use it (your imagination that is) in conjunction with this record, and let the brothers Angel transport you to a lovely place indeed. Rating: 7.5/10 MP3: ">Angel Brothers - Shiva